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Sell your house without Estate Agents

If you want to sell your house immediately, then involving estate agents is not a smart decision. It is an accepted fact that selling your house will take anywhere from 30 days to 6 months, not to mention the thousands you will spend in commissions. Also dealing with estate agents can be a huge task as they generally tend to overwhelm you with technical details and reams of documents. Hiring a real estate attorney is a smart move in such cases as tackling all the paperwork on your own is definitely a tough task.
About 5% to 7% of your total sales price will go to the estate agent in terms of fees or commissions. This fact can be quite daunting. Also the flood of prospective buyers traipsing through your house at all times, invading your privacy, peeking into all places and asking a billion questions is a harrowing experience. Also, even after settling on a buyer the entire process of finalizing the deal can take more than a month. So for those looking to sell their house immediately, it might seem like a dreary prospect.
But there is a solution for all those looking to sell their house for cash, immediately. The best house buying company in the UK, Quick-house-buyers is a fast property buyer, which guarantees cash in hand, as fast as within a week of contact. With so many high quality services provided, Quick-house-buyers is fast becoming a popular choice with people wanting to sell their house immediately. The biggest factor which makes Quick-house-buyers the best choice is the absence of estate agents, and hence the entire muddle of hassles that comes with them. You also save the estate agents fees and can actually look forward to a transaction which you can understand and have full control over.
Now the dream of selling your house for cash is no long unattainable. Quick-house-buyers will send in a team of evaluators the same day that you request an evaluation and also offer you a quote right then. They will inspect your house fairly, taking into account all pluses and negatives, and then offer you a price which takes into account everything, even the current per square rate. After you accept the offer, which is completely your decision, they will decide time scales right then and even provide you with the terms in writing. The contracts are exchanged shortly afterwards and you also have the option of staying back in your house as tenants and eventually even buy back your house at a price fixed during the sale. This feature is a boon for people looking to sell their houses only to overcome a difficult financial situation. This house buying company is different from the rest, mainly due to its high quality service and a plethora of options available to customers.
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UK House Sale Trend
No End to House Price Fall in the UK
House price growth : - 4.4%
Time to sell (weeks) : 11
Viewings per sale : 14.9
Base Rate : 0.5%
Affordability : 45.4%
Mortgage Lending : - 544.3%
Repossessions : - 29.7%
Housebuilding : - 9.8%

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