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Looking for property in Hackney, Harrow, Croydon, Northampton, Streatham & High Wycombe

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Looking for a quick house sale?

When the time to sell your house suddenly creeps up on you, either due to a financial crunch or a career move, the sinking feeling in your tummy is justified. Hassles with the house selling process include painful ordeals with prospective buyers traipsing through your house all through the day. The worst is the endless waiting that comes as part of the deal.
But now there is a solution, Quick House Buyers. So if you are looking to sell your house immediately, then a visit to Quick House Buyers is the best move. You can be assured of the fact that you will sell your house for cash, immediately. Fill in their online property evaluation form and get an immediate response. In fact the Quick House Buyers team will send its own surveyors to your home the same day itself. The surveyors conduct a thorough property evaluation and offer you a price immediately. The decision to accept the price is completely your own.
But if you agree to the price offered then you will be surprised at how fast you were able to sell you house for cash. Timescales are decided based on your needs, as Quick House Buyers has enough financial cover to provide you with cash, when you want. After timescales are decided, contracts are exchanged and then you can expect your cash within a week. Even properties that are about to be repossessed can be sold to Quick House Buyers. The “sale and rent back” service will let you sell your house for cash to avoid repossession and then allows to rent it back so you can still live in your old home. Later after you have cleared your finances you even have the opportunity to buy back your old house at a price which will be determined at the time of the sale.
There is no better solution if you are looking to sell your home quickly. Quick House Buyers make the entire process a dream and there are no expenses incurred by you. Fees for estate agents or any legal fees are all non existent, as Quick House Buyers does not employ estate agents and are willing to pay your legal fees up to the amount of £500. The words quick, house and sell can now all be used together thanks to Quick House Buyers. Now you can sell your house immediately and relocate or move abroad or just get some extra cash in your hands.
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UK House Sale Trend
No End to House Price Fall in the UK
House price growth : - 4.4%
Time to sell (weeks) : 11
Viewings per sale : 14.9
Base Rate : 0.5%
Affordability : 45.4%
Mortgage Lending : - 544.3%
Repossessions : - 29.7%
Housebuilding : - 9.8%

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