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Looking for property in Hackney, Harrow, Croydon, Northampton, Streatham & High Wycombe

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House price fall, still continues

Selling your house is a very important decision, and a decision like that needs to be made at the right time with the right people involved. So selling your property for cash is a profitable decision when made at the right time. House prices are continuously falling, especially in the areas not located in metropolitans. So the smart decision is to sell your property for cash, fast. With quick home buyers such as Quick-house-buyers, selling your house is a breeze. With an online property evaluation feature available, Quick-house-buyers guarantee a fair evaluation and the best deal for your house.
It is a well known fact that it can cost you about 5 to 7% of your total selling price as commission for the estate agents. At Quick-house-buyers, there are no estate agents so the ready cash you make with the sale is much more than if you were to sell your house through an estate agent. Not to mention, you receive a free house evaluation, mostly the same day that you place an evaluation request and is most cases, receive a quote for the house the very same day. You can even get a free online property evaluation done before that to understand how much your house can get you. No more waiting for months as your house price keeps falling, dealing with estate agents or putting up with potential buyers traipsing through your house. So now you can sell your property for cash instantly. It cannot get any better than that, but at Quick-house-buyers, it does. Offering a range of other services such as the option to rent your house back after you sell it, a very helpful option for people looking to only overcome a financial crunch by selling their house and not give it up.
Another attractive feature is the quality of service provided by Quick-house-buyers. The efficiency of the entire team is commendable as their sole objective is customer satisfaction. The best quick home buyers available on the internet, they have scores of satisfied customers. You can have cash in hand, within days of contacting the Quick-house-buyers team. All the timescales involved, the decision to accept the offer or even the decision to stay on as tenants is all up to you. So now you can sell your property for cash, knowing you are making the right decision with Quick-house-buyers. The concern over house prices falling as you wait to find a suitable buyer is finally over. Quick-house-buyers will complete the entire transaction in almost a week, provided you accept their quote, and this ensures you get the best price available in the market at that time. So donít waste time and money, head for quick-house-buyers, now.
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UK House Sale Trend
No End to House Price Fall in the UK
House price growth : - 4.4%
Time to sell (weeks) : 11
Viewings per sale : 14.9
Base Rate : 0.5%
Affordability : 45.4%
Mortgage Lending : - 544.3%
Repossessions : - 29.7%
Housebuilding : - 9.8%

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